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The new journal selection at Barnes and Noble is amazing - and cheap! Here's a look at my current favorite.

Beautiful Budget Journals at Barnes & Noble

I regularly support local business, and I love my local bookstores and stationers. They get most of my money. But when my friend Joni showed me her gorgeous new blank book from Barnes & Noble, my journal envy was insurmountable.

I’m always on the quest for the perfect journal. So off I went and discovered the treasure trove of amazing journals and blank books at Barnes & Noble in their spring collection.

A few of their designs were absolutely toe-curling. I had to buy this one. Had to. And even though I don’t traditionally consider spiral bound notebooks the best journals, I can see myself digging into this one.

It has super heavyweight pages so the ink won’t bleed through, and the lines are college ruled. The hard cover makes it great for writing in bed or on other soft surfaces. Plus it’s wide enough that the spiral won’t really get in the way (my only real gripe with spiral bound journals).

The best part is the price – all the journals in their new spring selection are between $5 and $8 – a steal. Check it out!


  1. Holy Smokes, that’s a beautiful cover and great news– my price range, and meets my “hard cover” requirements, since bed is where I do my morning pages. Thanks so much for a hot tip!!
    Here’s one in return: I have info about a book event next week featuring Christina Baldwin, author of “Life’s Companion~Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest”, in case you’re interested.

  2. Heyyyyy – what’s with the paper porn?! You heathen, you! God, that’s delish! Happy writing, my friend – you totally scored!

  3. @Penny – defininitely interested – that’s one of the first books I read as a journal writer. Is that the reading at the Elliott Bay Book Co.? Or on Whidbey? Do tell!

  4. I’ll send you the flyer on email; this is the book launch on Whidbey Wednesday night. I’m sure there will be one in Seattle soon.

  5. Hey – jusy FYI, I was at Borders last night, and there were about a dozen of really neat journals, all for $4.99! They’re disguised as “desk accessories”, but they’re there!

  6. Mine is still “pertier!”