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Happy Birthday, Journaling Saves!

To celebrate Journaling Saves turning the ripe old age of ONE, I’m giving away free stuff! All you have to do to win is sign up for the Big Dig. If you already get it (you clever, clever person), you can enter by leaving a comment below telling me either your favorite thing about the Big Dig, or a future topic you’d like to see.

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The contest will run until January 20th. If you win, I will contact you by email. You will get to pick one of these awesome journaling books which will be sent to you via Amazon. Sweet!

The contest is now closed – congratulations to the two winners, Kim and Kathy, who have been notified by email. Thanks so much to everyone for participating!

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  1. Fav thing: the prompts themselves.. sometimes you just aren’t sure where to start.. so having that little direction helps!

  2. Lined or Unlined – tough decision. Need lines to keep my writing straight but on the other hand, lines stump my creativity – no doodling or letting my hand/mind wander. Such a conundrum. Oh as one who was raised in the Boston area but now lives in Sunny AZ. I am so glad I don’t have to put up with the other Big Dig!

  3. I am new to journaling and am always looking for creative start-up ideas and motivational ideas. I look forward to the emails from Kristin Donovan and would love to win the book “Creative Journal Writing” by Stephanie Dowrick.
    Thank you for all your inspiration, Kristin!


  4. I would like to see some great quotes by famous…or infamous….folks so we could use them as journal prompts.

    Love what you do,

  5. I am relatively new to the Big Dig. I don’t know if you have covered this…I’d like to see some journaling prompts on how to handle conflict effectively. I just have dealing with conflict and avoid it at every cost. However, burying my head in the sand is not always most effective.

  6. Allison Harrington

    I just signed up a couple of weeks ago, but at the moment I seem to be most interested in art journaling (using hand-lettering & collage & drawing) and in year-end or quarterly reflections (I really liked the #reverb10 exercise here: http://www.reverb10.com/ .) So I guess I’d like to see more of stuff related to that!

    Thanks for a great site! Especially one that focuses on journaling as a positive, productive act – rather than the ruminative, unproductive, negative way I engaged it for the first 38 years of my life!

  7. I love that you make each person dig down deep in their thoughts for the answers to your questions. I’d love to see you cover more journaling prompts and maybe some techniques to use in our journals! Thanks for all you do Kristin!!!

  8. I am REALLY new to your site but am enjoying what I’ve seen so far.
    I am an artist journalist so perhaps you could incorporate the two for a future issue. Thanks for your hard work and inspiration.

  9. I love the Big Dig’s prompts! I like that instead of just a “write about this” type of prompt you include a little story, something that really brings the message of what you’re writing and hoping others will write into real-life perspective. Thanks for the emails. 🙂

  10. write about choices & options

  11. I’ve been seeing a lot about artwork in a journal. It would be cool to read something about that.

  12. Hi,
    I would love to hear anything about creativity and journaling.



  13. Happy Birthday Kristen! GREAT JOB!!!!
    Even with your “30 days” and a new journal, and the resolve (I thought), I have again, set aside my journal writing. Nope, not one word yet this new year. The time, the space, the place… …hard to find, hard to justify, and….
    It didn’t used to be this way and I have been trying to examine what has changed to create this climate where my pen doesn’t reach the paper.
    I am an artist, and I know I NEED to write as much as I need to create! So…why am I not?

  14. Happy birthday! 😀

    I haven’t been nearly as vigilant about keeping up with the Big Dig as I’d like to. Heck, I’ve been pretty poor about journaling in general, and I can totally feel it. I think what I like best is the tone of the email, actually, like you really care whether or not we journal enough, even though you’ll never know if we do. It’s very encouraging. Thanks and happy new year!

  15. Happy Birthday! I love getting The Big Dig in my mailbox. It’s always “just enough” and never too much – right to the point, and good tools to work with. Keep up the great work, Kristin! And thanks.

  16. Kristin,

    I’ve been journaling my spiritual walk for about 12 years now, but your website and the newsletter are great at prompting me to get back to more writing. I wrote in college and won awards, but then life happened and I have procrastinated for years. Since joining your web and newsletter, I am starting to write short pieces again and loving it. It feels so great to be using the gift God gave and perhaps some day can turn it in to more than just writing for my family and friends to read.


  17. AH! Happy Birthday Journaling Saves! 🙂
    I absolutely LOVE the weekly emails, and so greatly look forward to getting them.
    As soon as I started subscribing to them, I went out to Target and bought a new notebook to start journaling in, and have been writing in it semi-faithfully. I’m getting better at it. Thanks to you, Kristen!
    xo Haley

  18. I have been journaling on the computer, in my needlepoint journal but cannot seem to get myself going on a general all purpose blog. Somedays, I think I have just bitten off more than I can chew…and should be satisfied with where I am now. I do love to read all the newsletters and blogs when I have time and will continue to lurk here and there. Thanks for including me…

  19. The topic- “What do I want to be when I grow up.”

  20. Thanks for the prompts, Kristen! I am not writing every day YET, but all the ideas are boiling around inside my brain…that’s a good sign! I love your sense of humor, and the prompts are very thought-provoking…..keep up the good work!

  21. I love all the journaling ideas!! Sometimes I’m just so uninspired and BIG DIG really helps 🙂


  22. I’ve been receiving the Big Dig for a few months now, and I tell ya – sometimes it is the only thing that gets me motivated to write! Without it, my words would still be scrambling around in my head!!

    For this year, I would love to see more on gratitude and things that make one happy. I find that I’m really into writing lists, lately, so making a list about these topics interests me!

    Thanks for the awesomeness, Kristen!

  23. I just love that you pop up in my inbox and make me think about things I might not have and use them in my journal later that day or perhaps the next. I really appreciate it. Thanks. 😉

  24. Happy Birthday! I love the Big Dig because it always opens up my mind to other things in life and how they can be connected to me; how I can connect them to me through journaling. My favorites included the one about the Equinox, and How’s Your Harvest? How’s Your Harvest, really made me dig down and reflect on how I’ve grown and what I hope to grow into and how best to create my own harvest to help myself be better.
    I also love the stories connecting to the prompts in each Big Dig, and how you personalize it to really tell your readers that you’ve been through this too and want to share your experience to maybe help guide another person’s experience, and it makes it that much more real for me instead of some website that just blabbers on about nonsense but hasn’t really been there. You have, and I think it’s your willingness to share and get more people into journaling is why I love this site so much. Thank you so much for that.

  25. Favorite part of the Big Dig? How to pick just one aspect… I like that it comes via email, as that way I can keep it in my inbox until I am finished reading it and using the ideas vs. a blog post that may be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life.

    Future topic — how to create a journaling routine.

  26. happy birthday to you!!!!! i just love getting the big dig-it really allows me the perfect moment to get my journaling in and has helped me out along the way, not only with my writing, but also with what i am writing about. i don’t have much time to set aside so when i get your email i make it an immediate assignment and actually get that moment of me time 🙂
    my favy big dig journal prompt so far was the fan club prompt from november-i was in quite the funk, searching for a job that would set my career and realized what a fan club i really do have-it does exist!

    thanks for everything you do!


  27. Contrats on the end of your first successful year with the Big Dig and Journaling Saves!

    It might be fun to reflect on times when journal writing has helped you to solve a problem or has given you an insight that you might not have gotten otherwise. I recently had such an insight while writing about a situation that I really didn’t have any intension of writing about. (I didn’t want to give the situation any more of my energy and had intended to just move on, but wound up writing about it anyway. Writing helped me to find a place of peace inside myself so that I really was able to accept and move on.)

    On a related note, it might be interesting to give an assignment to delve into those topics that we resist writing about. Those difficult topics are often the ones that are the most beneficial to explore in the safety of a journal.

    All the best,

  28. Hi! Sing it with me…
    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Biiirrrthday… Happy Biiirrrthday…
    Happy Birthday to you!

    Have a great one!
    Thank you so much for inspiring me to try to write every day. I am almost through with my 1st journal ( 1st that I filled up) and I must tell you, I do enjoy reading past entries. I’m in a mixed media, art journaling phase at present, my molie now kinda looks like a whale hahaha.

    I wanted to share some ideas though I am not sure if you’ve covered it before as I am a new subscriber to Journaling saves, so here goes…

    Fake traveler’s journal entry- there are so many places that I want to go visit but I know I may not have the chance to so I am compensating by reading about them and entering imagined experiences in my journal. I wrote about what I would do if I ever get to visit that place, a great adventure perhaps? Who knows, it might come in handy if I do get to travel hahaha.

    Create an alias- ok sounds a bit schizophrenic, but sometimes I write as if I am a totally different person with some hilarious results.

    Thanks for letting me share!!!

  29. I keep a journal to stay sane in a crazy world. Indeed journaling saves in many ways.

  30. Thanks for the chance to win one of these books just for subscribing to the Big Dig. I love getting the Big Dig as a way to expand how I think of journals and journaling. It gives me ideas to try and ways to keep my interest outside my digital life. Thank you.

  31. In the future- gosh, positive reflections are always the best! I focus too easily on loss (the past few years have been bad,) and thoughts about coping- of all kinds- would be great! We can all use help design with change, and as always, reflection is the key to self-awareness.

    Thank you!

  32. Happy Birthday Big Dig!
    I agree with all said above. I especially like having these wonderful inspirational emails close at hand. I’m still new to Big Dig, but I would like to see a way to be more consistent with the writing aspect of my journaling… I doodle up a storm, but don’t really say much…lol!

  33. I am new to Big Dig, having only signed up last week. what i really enjoy is your energy, enthusiasm and passion for journalling. i have been journaling for years and came across your site as i was looking for inspiration to refresh my journalling. so right now, i wouldsay i enjoy it all. happy birthday and keep on writing.

  34. Happy Birthday, Kristen! What I like about your Big Dig is the practical-ness of all you’ve shared with us! It’s not so overwhelming and ‘cluttered’ as some journaling ideas (which are still INTERESTING to me, but a simple style, and practical information are what appeals to my left-brain…). I love that you offer the email subscription, and yet I’m going to be VERY interested to follow your website development, too. I guess I could say, “I LOVE your style!”
    Blessings, LadyLyn

  35. I’ve been getting the Big Dig for months now and I really like how it gives me fresh ideas for what to write in my journal. I normally have a (long) list of topics relating specifically to my life, but your suggestions get me to expand to topics that are outside of my small part of the universe, which in turn makes my life beter. I really missed it during your December hiatus!

  36. Hi there
    I am subscribed to the Big Dig but have not received any journalling prompts yet. I cant wait to start though, as I really battle to write on my own. I enjoy including some mixed media art/collage in my journals.

  37. Hi there. Congratulations on your first birthday. What I like best about the Big Dig is getting journaling prompts that make me think. I also love it that I get emails from someone who has the same sort of interests I have, even though she lives far away.

  38. I love the BIG DIG since it is a reminder to me to write in my journal. It keeps coming up with some great ideas for me to do, too. — I’d love to see more prompts in the e-mail message I get — prompts remind me of things I could write about, when I can’t come up with something on my own.

  39. ooooh I’ve been wanting Journal Revolution!! Thanks for this chance and Happy Birthday!

  40. I love that I get the Big Dig via email, so I can read it whenever I want. Since most of my computer time is at work, I find that even when I am inspired and resolve to go back to a particular page or site when I am at home, I often just can’t do much more than open my email.
    I love that you “get” the struggles and you have lost of suggestions about how to improve the process.
    Keep it up!!

  41. I’m already subscribed and I love getting the e-mails every month! Thanks for making it a great newsletter. My future topic suggestion is how to make yourself journal when you’re really just not feeling it – or I suppose how to set a routine so that you just do it without even thinking about it!

  42. Wow – one year!! Awesome. My favorite part is the ideas you present to journal with . . . I

    Topic for future? What kernels are buried inside that we have saved to help us now? (I’ve been watching the squirrels in my yard and this thought occurred to me.)

  43. I send out prompts to my own client base, so I love getting prompts from another source that helps me with my own writing and journaling. I too love the harvest idea. For the future, I think we are well served to consider that, appearances to the contrary, it’s okay to take our time with projects. It’s okay to allow creative ideas to grow and develop, just like it takes a whole season for the tomatoes to ripen, it will take that long for an idea to ripen. Our journaling can help that process.
    Thanks for the great work!

  44. I’m pretty new to your site, but LOVE it already! As a historian by career, I know that most of the details, especially concerning daily life, that we know about history has come from the journals or letters that were written by individuals. Thank goodness, I was great at journaling when my children were young, but in recent years I haven’t been so faithful about it. Your prompts are great! They remind me to write, write, write!!! Keep it up!

  45. The consistency of Big Dig’s themes on “simplicity”.

    I’m encouraged and supported with each email into
    bringing this valued and much needed ingredient into my life…
    with my writing, my thinking, and thus into my every day living.

    As my pen (and pencils) travel across the pages, this on-going,
    ever present theme of “simplicity” invites so much more
    into how to live. and I’m so very grateful for Big Dig’s reminders.

    Thank you for oh so many things, but especially your dosages
    of guiding me, reminding me, and teaching me about simplicity.
    It’s that simple.

  46. I just started subscribing and really enjoy the articles. I am especially interested in art journaling. This gives me some ideas and motivation to write/create in my own journals.

  47. I love that the prompts are simple and deep at the same time. Weekly prompts are very helpful and keep me accountable! Thank you so much:)


  48. hmmm… Simle really, I can do this in just one word… my favorite word really…

  49. Happy birthday!
    I signed up just before Christmas and have so far received one prompt. I was really looking forward to it! I also enjoy the fact that it arrives at my mail box and thus is a great reminder.

  50. The Big Dig is fabulous-I like titles and how they affect the content.
    Journaling definitely keeps one sane.
    Thanks for the email promps!

  51. I love getting the big dig. I always seem to be able to twist its content to fit my life situation and it gets me inspired.

  52. What I enjoy most about the Big Dig is that it gets my mind moving in directions I may not have considered.

  53. Happy Birthday!!
    I read the ‘Hidden Wisdom and Letters to the Self’ yesterday and I liked it very much. I think the method has a lot of potential.

  54. I would love to see more posts about the lack of inspiration.

  55. Langston Hughes’ poem, “Dream Deferred”, comes to mind. Which dream of yours have you deferred (postponed or delayed)?

  56. Happy Birthday! Let me just say that YOU ROCK! I am a drug and alcohol counselor and work in a residential unit with adolescent boys. So all day long I spend my time trying to get teen boys in touch with what they are feeling and better ways to express it (other than fists and foul words!) I had been researching journal topics when I came across your site and love the big dig! Your topics have been very helpful because they break down big concepts into bite sized pieces for digestion. Thanks for all that you do!

  57. Happy Birthday!! I’ve only gotten the big dig and your emails for about a month. So for me everything is new to me. So far I like everything. Maybe it would be nice to interview one of your followers and see how they journal or suggestions from them.

  58. I love the Big Dig! While I don’t always get a chance to read it the moment it pops into my inbox, I return to it when I do have time and read it. Sometimes, I even print it out for reference. I have a special mail folder that all of my Big Dig emails go into so I can always find one whenever I need it. The only thing I would change is perhaps give some more tips on how to journal when you have very little time. I have a one-year-old daughter (she turned one on December 24), and sometimes I find it difficult to journal, write, or do anything I would like to do. Perhaps you don’t have any personal experiences you can write from to give some of that information, but maybe you know someone who does? Otherwise, I wouldn’t change a thing!

  59. Happy first Birthday!! What a fabulous accomplishment that I am happy to be a part of. I have loved receiving the BIG DIG because it prompts me to create and that is amazing for me. Thanks.

  60. Would be great to learn about techniques and such as well…more prompts or suggestions of topics to explore – always great.

  61. I just recently found the Big Dig so I can’t say what else I would like to see. I feel like I have a wealth of information from you to make a great start in my found love of art journaling. Thanks so much for what you do.

  62. I enjoy the Big Dig because it prompts me to think and write about life in ways that I may not have come upon myself. Keep up the good work!

  63. I’m new to the BIG DIG but I signed up to find ways to make me find time to journal. To make it a priority and to make it fun! I need help to keep going. I’m famous for 3 days and then I stop again. Life seems to take over and there’s never enough time. Having an email that reminds me should help! Thanks for being there! A subject I would love to see covered? What would you want to have said and who to….if 3 important people in your life were gone tomorrow?

  64. Hello Kristin
    Happy birthday Kristin. I really enjoy reading your blog. And of course the Big Dig emails. The email that spoke to me the most was ” You Are a Raging Success”. It covers my main creativity problem: perfectionisme leads to doiing nothing at all. I am exhausted after the holidays. So al my new year resolutions went blowing in the wind. I havent written or drawn or painted anything at all and then it is hard to think about all the things that i have done these last busy weeks. But now I do have a long list of accomplishments and i try not to be that strict with myself
    Ellen (dutchie)

  65. I really enjoy getting the Big Dig because it is written in simple, down to earth manner that gets me thinking. I love hearing about your personal experiences and prompts Kristin.
    Journalling saves has inspired me to keep journalling and you have put words on things I noticed happening after I started journalling more regularly.
    Thanks and happy first birthday for the site!

  66. Happy Birthday to Journaling Saves! I love this site so much…I read every post and just dig every Big Dig! 😀

    I would like to see a topic about how to store and write in your journals so they don’t get ruined. I have heard myths that if you write in pencil it fades, or if you use inking pens and they get wet your writing will be gone. And what about acid free paper and stuff? That would interest me, seeing a topic about that.

  67. Happy Birthday! I love this site. It’s always great to see new and different creative journaling ideas.

  68. I love learning about new techniques-how to create your own journals, how to paint or collage. Of course the prompts are always good. Congrats on finishing your 1st year!
    Aloha, Kate

  69. I love the tips, and I love the prompts. I never realized how closed i was till this site. It really helps me to open up…Thank you!

  70. How to comment on such a wonderful topic?? In this age of digital impersonalities, it is so good to know that some future generations will be able to still “open” the journals of their predecessors. If everything you “write” is digital, do not presume that it will be there for your future descendants.
    Keep up the good work.

  71. Kristin,
    You’re doing a fab job with your Big Dig newsletter and your posts. I love your pov, your sense of humor (as I’ve shared with you before!!), and your personal sharing of how journal writing helps you in such practical ways.

    I would love to see more stuff discussed about using your journal specifically for your writing, ways we can use our journal for ideas, inspiration and goal setting for our writing projects, whether short term or long term.

    OH, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOURNALING SAVES!! Congrats to you, Kristin, on reaching this milestone. I’m very excited for you, and I thank you for having had the opportunity to be a part of your first year. It’s been fabulous!

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring
    JournalWriter Freelance
    @JournalChat on Twitter

  72. Happy Birthday Journal Saves! You have become the very best thing in my inbox.

  73. What I like best… In a world where the news can seem so sad or violent, I find the big dig an inspiration to keep my hopes high and to focus on positive outcomes. Even ranting and raving let’s me see priorities, and I am able to speak on paper before speaking out loud. The Big Dig gives me ideas on how to be at peace with myself and others.

  74. I love being inspired by you for my own journaling. You get me to think about other things that are good for me to explore.
    I have noted down the books and will look into buying them if I don’t win one. Here’s hoping the books go to who needs them the most.
    lots of love from susan in australia

  75. I haven’t had the time to dig too deep here – but I have downloaded and listened to your pod-casts, and I have to say – you are so inspiring! I am back to journaling everyday! Thank you for your care and time you put out for the Big Dig.

  76. HaPpY BiRtHdAy to you! HaPpY BiRtHdAy to you! Journaling Saves is my lifeline & Kristen is pretty swell too!!! That’s my little rendition of “Happy Birthday” just for you girlfriend!! Kristen, I have absolutly enjoyed this time with you reading the Journaling Saves & the BIG DIG e-mails. I’m a recovering addict & I have 21 months clean from my vice – pain killers : ( Your words inspire me & keep me on track with my inner self. They remind me to always keep my priorities in check and to be greatful for all of the beautiful things that I have in my life: my God, my kids, my family, my art . . . all of the things that are positive & healthy in my life. Keep up the GrEaT work! Love Ya! Steph from Hernando, MS

  77. Love what I’ve read so far. I’m a newbie. Looking forward to a new year and more journaling.

  78. Happy Birthday!
    Thank you for reflective topics.
    I am using The Big Dig for introspection and personal growth.

  79. !!! “squirrels on crack cocaine” !!!?! – best description of fidget-brain ever! Appreciate the stuff on keeping journaler’s boundaries; also love the personal, affirmation-filled references to readers/journalers. THANKS

  80. Happy Birthday!
    You’re an inspiration with your prompts and cheerfulness.
    Keep it up and we’ll all be looking at another great year!

  81. Thank you for this giveaway.
    Your prompts always inspired me.

  82. wow your last prompt was serendipity for me “simplify simplify” see im a hoarder like a bower bird , big time and when i read that last post i knew it was telling me to get off my butt and do it , guess what ive started so thats my goal for this year now, to unclutter and simplify , thanks Kristin

    hugz bev

  83. Jane T in NW Louisiana

    It always helps me to have a prompt. I don’t always use them, but if I don’t, they sometime spark an idea for me.

  84. Your newsletter! I love getting it 🙂

  85. Happy Birthday! I’ve only received one Big Dig email so far, so can’t say what’s favorite yet, but it might be interesting to explore the idea of “micro journaling.” ie., if (for whatever reason), you journal on your smartphone and thus can’t write pages and pages…

  86. Congratulations Kristen on a year! That is FANTASTIC!!!!
    What I love best about your Big Dig is how you explain your thinking behind the prompts- it helps me think more thoroughly about how I want to interpret things and proceed.
    You are so generous to share with us- I encourage all of my kids to journal as much as possible because I know it is so healing and such a good creative outlet too!
    May Journaling Saves be around for many more anniversaries! xo

  87. My favorite thing is how inspired I get by reading them. I usually only journal about a page a day when I do write, but once I read the Big Dig I can get two or three pages, because you make me think deeper about the topic at hand and give me an example of how to dig big by your own answers to the question.

  88. Great giveaway! All of those books look great. I love all of the ideas, prompts and ways to use a journal. I also love the links to journalling sites , all of your stories and pretty much everything about your blog. I find it very inspiring. Thanks so much!

  89. Congratulations, Kristin!

    I love the Big Dig for lots of reasons & am always glad to see it in my email box. J

    I particularly like that you give practical advice, which I can actually use ~ they apply to real life. Many prompts I’ve seen just aren’t either ~ & I’d feel totally fake even trying them! I especially like & use your ‘what’s working/what’s not working’ … AND the awesome comparison you did on journal types!


  90. I have only received one BIG DIG so far so can only say I love the concept. As to a topic I’d like to see, using journaling to cultivate a better perspective on life is something I always need to read more about. Angry journaling never gets me anywhere but more angry.

  91. Please tell me how you handle having important things to write about but never finding the time on that day (or even a few days after) to write about it. Should you backtrack….make short notes so you remember what you wanted to write about? Or just forget it altogether and write in the present. Always a problem for me as I feel like I am constantly backtracking thoughts and sometimes not being able to write in the present for feeling like I need to cover the past…..

  92. I’ve just recently subscribed to the big dig and i remembered my reaction to the article on “simplify simplify”…..there was INSTANT connection and I was drawn to what you wrote….You have the gift of reaching out ( to me) and I knew at that moment that I will be looking out for your emails each week….Journalling Saves….and thank you soo much Kristin for your time and your effort to pen all these in order for another to be helped….here’s to many more years!!! Kindest, Steph

  93. Hi Kristin,
    Someone above mentioned quotes – I second that — inspirational.. thoughtful… just new ideas…new ju ju…

    Also, how about pointers to good journaling books or websites of journallers that you like?

    Something I found surprisingly useful also, is prompts to include specific things in the entry … for example, NPR has a writing competition where you have to write something that can be read on air in under 3 minutes… and an author visiting the show provides a concrete prompt. The week I heard the show, the story had to include a joke being told and a person crying….. I ended up writing a very cathartic page or two about a recently ended engagement…. so… it seems perhaps, counter intuitive, to give something concrete… but in a way, the concrete prompt can ground your writing/arting for the session because it provides something solid to build and associate with….

  94. Happy Birthday! 🙂
    I love your journaling site and the Big Dig Letter. I definately value the prompts as some days I just suffer from frustration and brain rot and it really helps to have a little ‘nudge’ to get me thinking. I love to recieve the e-mails, it somehow makes me feel less alone and part of a like-minded community. I would really love to read more on simplicity. It is my word for the year and I especially liked that feature and would like to explore it some more. Ideas for adding art journaling and scrapbook type pages would be of value too. I’m looking foward to the year ahead.

  95. Hi Kristen! I just wanted to take a minute to state how much I enjoy your web site. I had always wanted to take a class on journaling but couldn’t find one in my area. Your website has provided me with a lot of tools to get my writing to the next level, a little more deep. Thanks! I enjoy the weekly emails and also, I purchased your ebook which is also awesome! Keep up the great work in 2011! 🙂

  96. My favourite thing is definitely the prompts. They’re always making me think in new ways and have me thinking about myself and my life in a way I wouldn’t be able to if I was just thinking alone.

  97. Happy Birthday Journaling Saves!

    Anything that prompts me to journal is good. I am fairly regular at journaling, but the prompts keep it fresh and exciting!

    I have your ebook and that is fabulous!

    Thanks for doing this for all of us!

    Have an awesome 2011!

  98. I haven’t had a chance to search to see if you already have something, but I would like to have a good prompt for when I get really stuck in sadness and don’t understand why I’m so down.

    Thanks for the wonderful site. 🙂

  99. I like the section on writing letters to yourself, to your future self, it helps me stay on track with weight loss goals, and future writing goals

  100. I appreciate the prompts, plus the great art journaling info and encouragement. Thanks!

  101. my favorite part of the big dig is your personal input. you usually have some quip or anecdote about your life, and i usually find that more inspirational than the quotes or prompts!

  102. I’m new both to journaling and to the Big Dig. So when I found your website I was really excited that I had found somewhere to give me help and direction in my journaling. I have only received two Big Dig emails but so far my favorite part has been the prompts and information for beginners that help with starting a journal or even picking a journal to write it. I think I’m going to get a Blueline Journal to start out with. I’m sure I will love them! I hope you have another great year!

  103. I have always been inspired by people who write, and journal. I never considered myself among that certain crowd. I’ve been required to keep a journal a couple times before and it never clicked. But now, this time I’m giving it a go on my time, my terms, and BIG DIG is a gentle, welcomed nudge when I need it. Thank you!

  104. I’ve just joined your site and the weekly e-mails so I don’t yet have a favorite, but I do like writing in the journal on Penzu and someone suggested famous quotes as starting points and I think that would be good. Actually any prompts are helpful and I love journaling! I found you from a link on 750 Words, by the way. I’d love to win any of the books and congrats on your 1 year birthday! Thanks! Daphne

  105. My favorite part of the Big Dig is it always reminds me to use my journal constructively. Before I ever came to this site my writing was sporadic at best and I thought of journal writing as leaving some form of record of my life. Now, I proactively use my journal to help solve my problems and I write almost every day. Its isn’t a core, its a release and a wonderful friend I don’t know how I ever did without.

    Thank you!

  106. I just found your site and got my first email from you. So far I love it all. I just started looking through archives, I like the way you have ideas and express them so naturally,makes it easy for ideas to start forming in my head. Also your website is fun and informative and easy to navigate through. Plus the blue stars are pretty 😉


  107. I appreciate the what seems to be such a personal sharing with all of us. I continue to write sporadically – but am writing more often because of the Big Dig and journaling saves. I loved also the Flickr photos. thank you thank you and happy bday

  108. Being a new Art Journaler, I love to read anything about Art Journaling !
    A future topic I’d like to see… About how you do Art Journaling, your favorites tools…

  109. Happy Birthday!
    Thank you for this site and your work.
    I would love to see a simple, simple, basics list to do when you don’t feel like you can do anything else kind of list.

  110. fave thing: the prompts! its so hard to keep it up sometimes, the prompts help so much. its nice to see ideas that i could actually write about without feeling too fake about it. i love the big dig! congrats!

  111. I just love the prompts! I was in such a slump when I found this site, and it has really helped me out.

  112. Happy Birthday JournalingSaves!
    I like the Big Dig because it is so identifiable to what is happening in my life. It provides easy solutions too.
    I would be happy to see a post on Women and How they handle fear in their lives in the future

  113. Hi Kristin,

    Not only do I like your BIG DIG, you also inspire with your beautiful website.
    Not long ago I started to keep a jounal. I looked for inspiration on the internet and found your website. I signed in for the BIG DIG. I always need new inspiration, because sometimes I can’t inspire myself. For different reasons, to busy, thinking of other things, worries…. It helps to do something from your BIG DIG, putting my mind in an other direction. Makes me feel positive!
    You can see my website, only it is in Dutch…

    So keep up the good work. I’ll enjoy it!

    Love, Yvonne

  114. I really like the prompts in The Big Dig, but I also like that you use a real-life experience to illustrate the prompt. That helps me to see thinks a little bit differently. Thanks for what you do, Kristin. Here’s to another year!

  115. I like your posts and prompts because it helps me think outside of my box. Most of the time when I write it turns into a list of all the things I hate about my job and that can be a bit redundant and boring after a while. I am looking forward to another year of emails. 🙂

  116. happy birthday and thank you for the journaling inspiration! i’m hoping to fill up at least 1 journal this year (as i am still working in the one i started before i got married–5 years ago!) i am loving the prompts & posts so far 🙂

  117. I really love The Big Dig because each time I recieve an email with a topic, I get down to journaling about it. Sometimes I can’t find the inspiration to write and then I get your email and I’m on the bandwagon 😀

  118. I love getting the reminder in my inbox to write! I am inspired by The Big Dig and it’s also a reminder that there is a community of other writers out there with me!

  119. Love the articles on your website, but I absolutely LOVE the big dig! I always love looking in my e-mail box and finding one of your newsletters there ripe for the picking. I always keep them close and dear to my heart. My favorite article so far was about abundance, and how you can never get enough of that, which is so true to most people… even myself. Look forward to more articles in the coming months. Keep up the great work!!

    Oh and Happy Birthday!!!



  120. Just joined (although I’ve followed your blog for awhile). What I like best is that it reminds me to take the time to journal.

  121. It sounds silly,but one of the tiny details I love about the Big Dig is that you include my name in the “Dear,______” part. It feels more personal(even if it’s an automated feature on yr end) than the more generic greetings of other emailed newsletters.Thank you! 🙂

  122. I just recently joined to help get back into the journal writing I loved. Thanks for all the help so far & Happy Birthday JOURNALING SAVES!!

  123. Kristin,
    What I love about JournalingSaves & The Big Dig is how you talk about such a wide variety of topics and that gets my thought process flowing, and I get many more ideas about what I want to write about in my journal. Also, you’re so great about telling us to have a purpose in our writing, and not just to always write aimlessly. Thanks to you, I’m attempting to become more focused on why I’m writing and I’m doing my best to figure out myself and who I am in the process.

  124. I am fairly new to Big Dig. I started Journaling last March w/the prompting of my creative daughter we took an online class together. Wow this was great. I went thru the days not starting anything because I was gathering my thoughts on the “prompts for each day”. The first one was the hardest, it was a very deep emotional page. I did several pages before I went back to do the first one.

    I have found that pulling out my internal emotions are my favorite pages. I am expressing myself more on paper since I know this is my personal journal. I know someday others will read it but I hope my words will be inspirational to that person (more than likely it will be a family member). There are fun pages but very emotional ones.

    I would love to see some prompts that make you really think and pull out emotions that are hard to do but once you do you feel so much better.

    In this same journal which is my art journal I add art to each page. I made it from total scratch. AFter the class was over I knew I would have many many extra pages and when something happens whether it be good or just having a bad day I turn the page and express myself. I love it. Journaling is my passion. I have about 15 pages left in my book and this journal will always be my favorite and most treasured. (sorry I rambled on more than just answering your giveaway question)

    I know these other books will bring so much more into my opening up and learning more about the world of journaling. I hope I am a lucky winner.

  125. I haven’t been participating in the Big Dig for long but already, I’m finding that it’s helping me. The prompts help me to focus, write regularly and show me constructive ways that I can deal with things.

  126. Happy Anniversary! Started reading the blog recently and just joined the Big Dig. As one with at least 20-25 mostly empty journals (…addicted to paper and books), I have been trying to stay on course with journaling in the new year. I fully expect your site and prompts will help me move beyond the mundane. Thank you.

  127. I love the site and was thrilled when I found it. I have been a journal writer for years and years and am always looking for sites, blogs, etc. to help boost my creativity. I also enjoy sites with prompts because I like to work with them. I teach about journal writing to grade school kids in my community and am always looking for more ways to inspire them to write and acquire the habit of writing, I hope for life. As for the Big Dig, I love seeing your emails when I open my mail. I print them all out and add them to my journal writing files. Thank you for the inspiration!

  128. Hello Wonderful Journaling Goddess!
    Happy Birthday! I have been blessed so much these last few months by your messages, prompts and light! I sincerely thank you and appreciate all that you do. You and ‘Journaling Saves’ are indeed a blessing to my heart.
    Love and light, Cyssi

  129. Hi Kristin!! And happy birthday to your wonderful site. I love connecting with other people about topics I feel passionate about, writing and art!! Here’s to a fabulous year two!!

  130. Happy Birthday!! I am already signed up for the Big Dig and love the prompts and inspiration that you provide through those and in the website itself. I love to journal, though I don’t do it often enough. I also love to “art journal” by putting down ticket stubs and painted background pages in my journal. Thanks again for your hard work and for this site.

  131. I’ve only been on the Big Dig a few months now. I think my favorite thing is that it’s not a generic newsletter that promotion only. Although I love the products you do choose to endorse.

    For be the Big Dig is just a note from a friend. Just a “this is what I was thinking about today.” Quite a few websites do a “this is what I think you should buy today” letter. I love your ideas and your focus, I love that you’re honest about being stuck or getting out of a rut. I love that you’re human and that jounaling can be a struggle and you’re not afraid to discuss that and talk about why.

    Ok enough with the raves. Thank you for doing this and Happy Birthday!

  132. I love your website and the Big Dig because although I do write everyday, I can get in a rut. I love that you provide a fresh way of looking at things. You give me things to think about that otherwise wouldn’t have come up in my average day. I love how you give us a glimpse into what’s going on in your life that so many of us can relate to. Quite often what I read seems to be just what I need at the time. Kind of weird how you do that. 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work and for helping so many people.

  133. My favorite thing about the Big Dig is that you offer many different ways to approach the same prompt – you clearly understand that not everyone is triggered into creativity and reflection by the same language and phrasing of a question. Too often, I find “journal prompts” very limiting because they’re clearly designed for someone who doesn’t think like I do, but you offer different options which make it easier to break into what you’re actually talking about.

  134. Well, I am new to the Big Dig as well…found you via an Art Journaling link a few weeks ago. I am getting a lot out of your prompts, and in particular I like your ‘staycation’ post! Congrats on your first year!

  135. Happy B-day! Love reading the blog b/c your voice inspires me in my own writing. It reminds me to “lighten up” as I write for my clients. It also is a lovely reminder of the joy I take in reading well-crafted, eloquently stated pieces. Congrats on this one-year achievement — I look forward to reading more posts that make me smile.

  136. Hi Kirsten
    I suppose the world is made up of leaders and followers, well maybe there are some people who would initiate things but lack the self belief,time, energy, commitment or sheer sassiness to put it out there!
    Thank goodness for people like you Kirsten who do ..making a creative life so much more accesible to all us who are a few steps behind you . I love your site, the ideas and the audio especially, you shine a little light into my world and inspire me in my writing and art journalling, which at times, has been a real life saver. I feel a little less isolated in something which is essentially a solitary activity because of you.
    A very happy first birthday and thank you for all your efforts which are much appreciated.

  137. Kristin, I really like how you’ve made the Big Dig so much more visually interesting. I love the picture of the dog. Is it your dog? You’ve really got something going here. I look forward to you having your own show on the Oprah Winfrey Network.


  138. I love seeing other people as enthusiastic about journaling as I am! And I love all the prompts – it is great to have a set of ideas to draw upon whenever I need some inspiration! The site has helped me to expand my journaling repertoire – more art, more images, more color. Thanks!

  139. Big happy birthday wishes from me! I would like to read more about list-making. Do you make lists in your journal and what are some good topics for that? I ♥ lists!

    Thanks for a great blog!

  140. I’m new to the Big Dig, but a topic I would like to see covered is journaling as a way of rebalancing. I’m in sort of a fog and anything that will help clear it would be much appreciated.

    All the best!

  141. The BigDig is such a great idea! Your prompts really push me to keep writing, even when I “don’t have time!” I’m a relatively new subscriber but am LOVIN’ it. Happy day to you. Keep up the creativity.

  142. Kat, congratulations on turning one! Proud of you and your wonderful way with ideas and words and insights!

    Here’s to another year!!


  143. It seems the magical process of pearls forming over sand is reversed here. You feed me gleaming jewels. I used to wring out brown mud, journaling hokum since 1980. Your persistent injections of clear ideas give my writing direction. Now I only belch clean sand, and my calligraphy and spelling are now legible, an improvement. Alas, I still don’t look like Hemingway in my white linen suit. Thank you Kristin. Keep the pearls coming, please, Ma’am. Many happy returns.

  144. I already subscribe to your newsletter – the best part about it, for me, is the fact that just seeing that email pop up once a week reminds me to stick with my journaling! It’s fantastic motivation, thank you! 🙂

  145. I am grateful for all your e-mails. You challenge me to look within and sometimes write about difficult issues that I’d rather ignore. And your site uplifts me and invigorates my longing to write whatever touches my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your tips, your spark, and your love of journaling. I look forward to your e-mails and am grateful that I am writing again. Lori

  146. My favorite thing about having The Big Dig come to my Inbox is the prompts. Also, it’s quite nice just to get that little reminder than journaling is an important part of (my) life and that sometimes when life gets busy, I need to stop and make time for what makes me the happiest.

  147. Let me just add that you’re such a big inspiration to me! I recently just started blogging, and my blog is maybe four months old. To reach one year would be such an accomplishment for me! Oh, and Happy Birthday, Journaling Saves!

    (Realized I hadn’t put this in my comment before so I just wanted to add it!)

  148. Krisin,
    Happy 1st Birthday to Journaling Saves!!! First of all, I can’t tell you how happy I was (& still am!) when I first came across several months ago. Thank you for keeping it real!!
    I Love all the prompts you send in the Big Dig. The prompts always really make me think!! Your personal input adds extra flavor to yu prompts.
    I sure hope I win!!! :D)

  149. I really like how the Big Dig is friendly. It always comes to me at the strangest times. The recent one about accepting the skin you are in came to me at work. I happened to be on break, and it just so happened I had my journal handy. I pulled that sucker out and had an epic journaling session (much needed) in which I wrote about many things, but mostly my love of reptiles. The Big Dig is a wonderful reminder that I can always be learning more about myself, which is huge for me because I have been journaling forever. In a world of apps that annoyingly remind me to exercise more, eat better, or pay my bills it is nice to read something that is less nagging and more friendly. Love it.

  150. Thanks for hitting the ‘publish’ button! I love your insights and your nudges on my insight! …thanks again

  151. Jane T in NW Louisiana

    What I like about the Big dig sending me prompts each day is that I have no reason not to journal. I don’t have to do anything but respond or sometime I might not adhere to the exact prompt because it sparks another idea for me.

  152. jacqueline rozario, Melbourne, Australia

    For those of us who journal not necessarily everyday the ‘big dig’ keeps you in there with journal-ling which is the most important aspect – to keep going – even if you miss a day or so of journal-ling. Maybe this topic could be covered?

  153. I’m a newbie and have yet to receive my first Big Dig email, but am already head over heels for this fabulous community of “journalers.” Whenever I talk about my journal writing to people, I hear a lot of “Oh, I couldn’t do that. I’m not a writer.” You’ve probably covered this topic in some way, shape or form already, but I think many would-be journalers might be interested in some advice on non-word/prose journaling techniques (collage, list-making, sketching/drawing, etc.).

    So excited to have found this place!

  154. I am new to the Big Dig and am excitedly looking forwards to it! I already thoroughly enjoy your FB posts! Thank you for sharing and inspiring…keep up the good work!

  155. I follow you on Twitter and love the links / postings you tweet about. Today I signed up for the email newsletter and I am so excited to start receiving prompts. And this is mainly because there are so many times when I’m ready to journal but simply cannot bring my mind to pull together a topic to journal about, especially after a long day/week when I need journalist the most. Thanks!!!!

  156. I just discovered this site and am very excited about it – being an art journaler myself i’m always on the lookout for creative prompts and sparks to get me going! Thanks for this wonderful portal!

    Love, violette

  157. Love the journaling prompts!!!

  158. I love all that you do here and the Big Dig is great stuff! Would love to see more stuff upcycling other stuff to use in our journals.