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Book Review: Creative Journaling Writing

Books for journaling prompts are hit or miss. Some are filled with inane, pointless writing tasks, while others are chock full of inspiration. One of my all-time favorite sources for journaling prompts is Creative Journaling Writing by Stephanie Dowrick.

Weaving personal experience, exercises and stories from fellow writers, this book provides encouragement, support and inspiration for journalers of every stripe.

Stephanie’s intimate, approachable style is comforting and endearing; you instantly feel safe with her. She truly understands the complexities of journaling. Her gentle way of providing journaling prompts and writing exercises wrapped in helpful suggestions and encouragement is perfect for the wary beginner or the old-timer who’s lost their spark.

The book is filled with quotes from other journal writers – everyday people – and it’s fascinating to read their stories. It truly illustrates that there are as many ways to journal as there are journalers. Everyone will find someone in this book to identify with.

One of my favorite quotes is from a woman named Jo:

“For me, one of the challenges of the journey is discipline — may it’s being a Generation X’er that I struggle with discipline… Both spiritual practice and journaling are easy when times are difficult — as they are like a lifeline — they help, they inspire me somehow to keep going.

While they still help when things are good, they don’t feel as essential for survival — even though the insights an learning through this reflection process are powerful. They are easier to put aside, in favor of sleep-ins, morning news, snuggling children in bed, new love (!), etc. So Ig uess in a nutshell, for me it is about discipline. A deep inner knowing that it is worth it when times are good, just to continue this knowing and exploration of self.”

The prompts focus on everything from free association to deep personal reflection. One of my favorites:

“I wonder what would happen if…?”

Just writing those words awakens a sense of adventure and possibility in me.

Creative Journaling Writing has served me well throughout the years and I think it belongs on every journaler’s bookshelf. You can buy it in your local bookstore, or you can support Journaling Saves and buy it on Amazon using this link. (Good karma guaranteed!).

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  1. Thank you for the reminder – I have this book and have found it very useful in the past – but it has been languishing on my shelf! Time to get it out again.

  2. Hi Kristin!
    Thanks for your great blog! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one enjoying notebooks and journaling as much as I do. Keep up the good work!
    I own this book myself and really enjoyed reading it. Like Megan, I kind of forgot about it! Thanks for posting it on your blog.

  3. Oh, thank God somebody else admits they find some prompts inane and useless. I thought it was just me. Journaling Saves may save ME.