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Carnival of Pen, Pencil & Paper – November

It’s once again time for the Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper!

This month’s carnival is hosted by Pen Addict. I contributed my Ecojot Journal Paper Lust post from last week.

My favorite featured post is Private Reserve Ebony Purple Fountain Pen Ink at the Poor Connoisseurs. Which is no shocker since I’m a freak for anything purple, especially writing instruments.

I’ve been thinking about investing in a fancy pen lately. It’s kind of amazing that I never have, given my obsession with paper and writing. I’m very happy with my Pilot Precise V7 (and my Sakura Stardust Jelly Roll Glitter Pen). But I wonder if that’s similiar to how I’m very happy with my 1985 VW Golf because I’ve never driven a Porsche?

Perhaps it’s time to find out.

In any case, check out the Carnival – it’s a rocking good time and the music is not half bad. (If you’re into pipe organ.)

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  1. I love all the posts…thanks for introducing me to the carnival!