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Four Unrelated Observations

I recently interviewed Colin Edwards, a fascinating guy who’s been journaling for half a century. Colin was kind enough to contribute this guest post, showcasing his unique view on the world and his quirky sense of humor. Colin hails from Margate, Kent UK. Be sure to read his journaling interview if you missed it. I hope you enjoy! ~Kristin

Red Lined Quotes

I am twenty pages into my current notebook and yet have only completed six. This is because, as several bloggers have mentioned, there is a resistance to actually making a start in a brand new book.

Each of those twenty pages has a quotation that I have come across in a book or the internet. I write it in red across the top line of a page where it can always be found for later use and where it breaks the new book in. Once a page has something on it, then it easier to write more.

Lost in Blog Fog

A few minutes to spare and nothing to read and feeling lazy? Just explore some of the blog links on this page. You will find fascinating ideas and an insight into a few obsessions, as you’re led into further blogrolls and so on until all that spare time has vanished.

I was surprised how far I could travel from the original site and, not being a computer genius, how hard it was is to get back to the start point. Last time I went from Rhodia Drive to Notebook Stories I clicked on a “from the archives” picture which took me to a blog called Slow Boat. There I found a fascinating idea about using your car windshield as a camera viewfinder to look at the world.

Caffeine and Cameras

Talking of cameras, I am really impressed by the volume of really high quality blogged photographs [blogographs?] that use notebooks, paper, ink, pens and all the other stationery ephemera that fascinate us.

I just did a Google search for images of Rhodia Notebooks and it reported 33,900 images. It can be fun to search with a combination of words too. Try Rhodia Coffeeshop [943 results] and you might conclude that when we are not keeping a journal we are all caffeine charged photographers.

Sexual Conspiracy

Follow journaling blogs for any length of time, sometimes taking the road less travelled, and you may be led into a world of scrapbooks, weaving, sewing, quilting, crafting, card making, cupcakes and assorted stereotypical feminine activities.

I enjoy cupcakes as much as the next man, indeed we have a fantastic café in our Market Square, but why is it that keeping a journal appears to me more of a girl thing?

I suspect that just as many men as women do in fact keep journals. They just don’t write about it, although I don’t know why.

Perhaps it is for a similar reason that means that a group of men will take turns to talk whilst a group of ladies all speak at the same time!

“So you have your own blog then?” Well, you know how it is with us men and that commitment thing!

Thanks to Colin for contributing this guest post! If you have a guest post you’d like to contribute, be sure to drop me a line.


  1. Love the idea of starting each page with a quote! Whether terrified of the blank page or not, it provides continual inspiration!

  2. For an interesting discussion on the male/female journaling disparity, get hold of a copy of _The_New_Diary_ by Tristine Rainer.

    In fact, if you are the least bit serious about keeping a journal, you should have a copy of this book.

    I haven’t seen the new edition, but my copy from 1987 is one of my most valued books.

  3. Tommy, thanks for the info. I have now ordered Tristine’s book [and a couple of others] from amazon.