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Need More Color in Your Life?

Regular journaling provides endless benefits. Perhaps one of the most magical is its ability to slow down time, to effortlessly etch images in your memory, and breathe life into everyday occurrences. Simply put, journaling makes your life more colorful. Here’s how to harness the benefits of journal writing for more vivid days — and nights.

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Creativity Portal is an awesome resource that I’m excited to be a part of. I’ve got my own little corner of the Universe there, featuring original guest posts that don’t appear on Journaling Saves. Come visit me!


  1. I read the article and so agree! My journals are full of images made from words. And I most especially agree with the “creating head space” – it can get cluttered up there!

  2. So glad you contributed to Creative Portal, coz that is how I found you and now your site is on my link love list and I’m a fan! I listened to the podcast and SO look forward to more episodes! 🙂 yay journaling!

    /from a avid diary keeper and art journaler

  3. And I found you via iHanna! Why are all the Journalers I have met so…ummmm…not sure how to put it….they are so my cup of tea! Must be all the nourishment we find in journaling!
    I am off to listen to the Podcasts! Journal on!