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Podcast #3: Inspiration in All the Wrong Places

Do you think it’s possible to get inspired by a job loss or a fight with a friend? In this podcast, I talk about how we can use our journals to find the silver lining in those gloomy clouds. Your journal is a valuable tool in healing over loss, unexpected change, or negative circumstances. Learn how we can pinpoint the difference between grief and a pity party, and how to use confrontations as a source of positive growth.

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  1. Enjoyed your podcast and could relate. My job loss a year & a half ago was a mixed blessing. It got me out of a situation I hated, that was making me physically sick and an emotional mess. Though I don’t have that nightmare to deal with anymore, my self confidence was shaken (and it was pretty wobbly to begin with).

    Still dealing with other negative concerns in my life so I’m trying to handle that as well as regain my career footing. Want to explore my artistic aspirations, but lacking confidence and reliving the negative past keeps me stalled. Hoping to “keep walking” after the “accident” (I like your analogy) and make my way into a better situation and lift out of the gloom. Using your suggestions and the journaling tool may help guide me. Thanks, Kristin

    • Mouse – thank you for sharing your experience. I know exactly what you mean about your confidence being shaken. I do think it’s a “one foot in front of the other” kind of journey to get it back, especially when we’re talking about our artistic aspirations. For some reason, that seems particularly difficult. Perhaps it’s because we creative people are so sensitive and our art is very close to home. I’m sure you can do it though — take babysteps and keep journaling. You deserve to move into a situation that enables you to thrive!

  2. Great podcast…such a great way to learn from past experiences and I agree journaling really helps to reveal our inner feelings. It’s almost like the writing helps one to analyze and make sense of all the emotions coming out.

    • Linda – thanks for the feedback! I totally agree that journaling helps us make sense of our emotions – and everything else coming out of us. I’m sure I’d be an emotional nightmare if it weren’t for this valuable tool. 🙂

  3. Here here! Example – here’s a shot from the Great Jobster Layoff Day in 2007; we all went on to better things: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ariel/344482174/

    • yelahneb – I love it! So great to have solidarity among fellow layoff-ees. And NO KIDDING that you guys went on to better things! Ariel’s been a big inspiration for me since 2004. Thanks for the positive example. The more used to the idea I get, the more excited I am for future possibilities.

  4. I loved your podcast, Kristin. You speak & blog things I have found to be so true in my journaling journey. It’s so fun to have found a little like-minded community here on the internet, and to connect with you. I love your idea of writing the hurts/disappointments, and then follow that with what good could come, I see making this exercise in columns. On one side list the setbacks and negative aspects, on the right address the “hidden gifts”. I think I will try this with my new medical diagnosis that I am processing. Thank you so much for all of your work!