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Lust: Ecojot Recycled Mini Journals

I discovered these absolutely delicious Ecojot mini journals while browsing at my local bookstore over the weekend.

They are just toe-curlingly adorable. Perhaps the best part is that they’re made from 100% recycled paper, so you can save the Earth while indulging your paper fetish.

I’m a big fan of Ecojot journals. The paper has a great toothy texture — probably because of the recycled aspect. The gorgeous, colorful design is obviously a big selling point:

Ecojot recycled mini journal set

The covers on these are flexible so they can be bent back. But there’s a vast array of Ecojots available depending on your particular needs – they also make spiral-bound hardcover journals.

I like these mini journals in particular because they are such a fabulous size for a back pocket or purse. See the photo below next to the apple for a size comparison. Granted, it’s a big, juicy Washington Honey Crisp apple, but you get the idea.

Ecojot recycled mini journal set

You can buy a wide assortment of Ecojot journals on Amazon. (That’s an affiliate link, which means you help cover the operating costs of this website if you click through and buy. If you want to be a big meanie and not support Journaling Saves, by all means use this link instead.)

Ecojot recycled mini journal set

Check them out. Here’s one more photo for you, so I can justify buying these beautiful little buggers in the name of “research.” Look at me – so selfless.

Ecojot mini journal set

Have you used Ecojot journals before? Do tell!


  1. I’ve used Ecojot journals before! I think they’re great! Back when I first got them, they were called Mirage Paper Company, not Ecojot yet.

    What I love about them is that you can get a nice, hefty one (the Jumbo Journal) which has 150 sheets in it! The pages are thick enough that you can write with a Sharpie Ultra-Fine marker or a fountain pen if you wish, and it doesn’t bleed through to the other side. Plus, I’m partial to them because they’re Canadian-made! 🙂

  2. Oh, thanks Christina — I totally forgot to mention that they are Made in Canada (TM) eh?

  3. I came over from Hanna’s blog and I’m already loving your website! I signed up for the newsletter AND put your site in my RSS feed as soon as I clicked over.

    I used an Ecojot journal before. And I did love it for doodling.

  4. Can you tell me WHICH local bookstore?? I live in Kenmore and work at the U…

  5. Lucky you, Mary — I got them at the University Bookstore (along with nearly everything else I lust about here). The upstairs across from the cafe has a delectable journal section. And the basement with the art supplies is where I get my Blueline notebooks and other sundries. Happy shopping! 🙂

  6. If you ever go during the noonish hour I would love to buy you a cup a Joe! I didn’t know that they had the blueline notebooks downstairs. THANK you

  7. Mary – that would be a blast! I’ll be in touch via email.

    The Bluelines are downstairs by the day planners and little Diaries with the fancy covers. They’re very nearly hidden. Which is okay by me because that means they’re always in stock! 🙂

  8. Hi its Mark from ecojot – thanks for the great comments!! Yes ecojot is Canadian made (in a suburb of Toronto)

    Also, are you aware of our philanthropy work? We donate thousands of school workbooks to kids in need – mainly in Africa. I’ve just been in Kenya – working in refugee camps and other areas of extreme poverty. Check our facebook page for more details.

    Thanks again!!!