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Moleskine Journal Cover for iPhone 4

In the interest of simplifying my life, I’ve picked up an iPhone. No longer will I need to drag around a cell phone, digital camera, iPod and Flip video recorder. It’s all in one white, shiny little package.

The camera was the main push for me, as I keep seeing fabulous journaling products in stationery stores that I want to share with you, but never seem to have my camera on me. So expect lots of mobile uploads from here on out!

In any case (no pun intended), I was searching for a protective cover for my iPhone when I stumbled upon the Little Black Book case by Pad and Quill. As a lover of all things Moleskine, I immediately lusted after this little Moleskine-inspired treasure.

Moleskine inspired case for iPhone 4

I have one on order but I wanted to share the (digital) paper lust with you NOW! 🙂 Check out Pad and Quill because they have some great stuff over there happily blending the elements of journaling, writing and reading with technology.

Speaking of technology, stay tuned for the forthcoming series on hi-tech journaling! I’ve got some guest posts en route, as well as my own reviews for those of you testing the waters with ejournaling.

(Although you know me — I always preach the merits of journaling by hand, too!)

And speaking of Moleskines, I picked up a Wellness Journal from the new Moleskine Passions line. I have a full review with lots of photos so you can see if it’s of any use in your journaling repetoire. (I found it to be more of a pretty shelf-friendly collectible.)

More to follow!

Photos courtesy of Pad and Quill.


  1. I’m looking forward to those upcoming posts as I do all my journaling electronically. I love a good notebook and pen, but I find it easier and more enjoyable to type.

  2. Stay tuned, Katie! In the meantime, you can check out the following:

    Podcast: Journaling on Paper vs. Electronically

    Benefits of eJournaling

    The Best eJournaling Tools: online and and on your desktop.

  3. Not only is this awesome, but covers like this are getting more popular to keep gadgets from getting stolen. I recently heard of a pizza box laptop cover!

  4. I really agree with your take when it comes to this. Thanks for pointing this out to us. Are there anymore articles like this one?

  5. I almost folded. Then I remember how the lit screen helps me find my phone. Surely I’d lose that perk if it were hiding. Chance are I wouldn’t hear the ring tones either. Oh well, I’ll stick to using Moleskines for writing and drawing.

    Still like them though. Good show.

  6. iphone cover looks cool.

    I’m a huge fan of moleskines, and Moleskine plain journal is the one I use repeatedly – with some odd ones in between for a change 🙂

    I love moleskine hacks,and their special lines are interesting, but it’s the plain pages that work best for me. With the specific lines, such as moleskine travel, I just find a lot of wasted paper since half the pages are taken up by other info that is not necessarily required.