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Photo Journal Monday

As you know, journaling doesn’t have to be done with a pen and paper. You can caputure your day with a multitude of media.

I won’t insult you by citing some trite quote about the power of pictures vs. words. But this morning I did not have time to journal on paper. Instead, I chose to journal my walk to work in photographs. I selected a handful of my favorites to share with you here.

(Clicking on them will give you a larger version. I didn’t want to overload anyone’s server with a page full of photos so they’re the little versions.)

Regarding the above street sign, Aloha St. is my favorite street in Seattle. If you take the bus, the driver announces the stop: “Aloha! Welcome to Capitol Hill!” It kills me every time.

Blue ceramic pot with bluebells

Bluebells are popping up all over my neighborhood now, and I absolutely love it. They are my favorite color. Discovering them coordinated with other blue flowers in this matching pot, with a little chrome bird, made me smile.

carriage house

My neighborhood is full of these old mansions with carriage houses and cobble stones. One of my dreams (this life, not an alternate one) is to live in a converted carriage house. I especially love this one.

Clematis climbing a telephone pole

This beautiful clematis (at least it looks like a clematis) is determinedly climbing a telephone pole near my house. It’s planted on a corner, in the parking strip next to a fire hydrant, almost as an afterthought. But it’s scaling the pole like crazy, throwing lavender flowers everywhere. Each time I see it, I’m reminded: Bloom where you’re planted!

Lake Union from the Lakeview Blvd. bridge

A Lake view from, uh, Lakeview Blvd. I used to live in a houseboat on Lake Union a little to the right of where this photo ends. If you look closely, you can see a yellow float plane landing in the water. I always have to stop for a minute on the bridge (when I’m on foot) to admire the view. Then I look down below at Interstate 5 and the bumper-to-bumper rushhour traffic creeping along for miles. And I feel very lucky indeed.

Space Needle

The view of the Space Needle from the Lakeview Blvd. bridge is one of my favorites, second only to Kerry Park. Every single time I’m on that bridge and I see the Needle, I still say, “Hi! I live here!” Six years, and it still hasn’t gotten old for me.

Sculpture at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Pretty new sculpture in South Lake Union. It’s hard to capture its magic with a camera because it’s holographic and reflects the light in amazing rainbows depending on the angle. I’ll give it another shot one day when the sun’s out.

Blank window signage
One could set an existential conundrum in motion pondering this one. Isn’t labeling something blank negating the description itself? It reminds me of the sheets in books that say, “This page intentionally left blank.” Well it’s not blank anymore, Smartypants.

In any case, it’s how we start each day: a blank slate, and I enjoy the daily reminder in this window.

If you usually journal with words, try changing it up one day this week and capture your day in images instead. It’s a fun way to add some variety to your journaling.


  1. Sometimes on my walks I’d get so annoyed at the trash scattered along the streets. It’s amazing the junk I find tossed to the side of the road: Empty booze bottles, baby toys, hair curlers, floor tiles, computer components and even bathing suits. Occasionally I’ll take a trash bag with me and pick some of it up, cursing the jerks that put it there. But then I found I was focusing too much on these negative sights during my walks and it became depressing rather than invigorating.

    It’s wonderful to come across those little “gifts” or diamonds in the rough such as a cluster of wildflowers, an armadillo scuffling into the scrub, or an owl perched atop a pine tree. Taking visual pictures of nature’s beauty helps reboot my mindset.

  2. I’d give anything to see an armadillo scuffling into the scrub! 🙂

  3. Loved the photos. Thanks for taking us along on your walk Kristin.

  4. Thanks Karen – glad you enjoyed the pics. I certainly enjoy sharing them with you guys.