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Podcast #1: Getting Started with Journaling

It’s time for the inaugural Journaling Saves Podcast! Now that I’ve recovered from listening to my own voice all day, I can share my initial foray into the land of multimedia with you.

The podcast is about 13 minutes long. You can stream it right here on the website or you can download it to your computer to listen to later in iTunes or the media player of your choice.

This podcast is in response to a fabulous reader question: “How do you get over fear of the blank page in a new journal?” I talk about some tricks I use to get started, as well as some advice on conquering the fear of writing.

Be sure to send me your questions and if I use one in a future podcast, I’ll send you a great goody bag as a thank you.

Feedback is always welcomed. I hope you enjoy!

To download the podcast to your computer, RIGHT CLICK on the DOWNLOAD link and choose “save as”. You can also subscribe to the podcast directly on iTunes.


  1. Enjoyed your podcast! Some very helpful advice to help me get over that new journal intimidation. Breaking the seal with a favorite quote or lyric, stickie notes with reminders of what to write, and the “What I DON’T want to write about…” are all great “tricks” to get the ball rolling.

    Another obstacle for me is the feeling I have to write something profound, otherwise the entry will look shallow. I imagine someone, a family member or acquaintance, some day reading it and thinking, “Wow, what an idiot!” Ha. But,I have to remind myself that these are the kind of insecure people who will find fault no matter how profound it sounds, plus it doesn’t really matter what they think anyway. And like you’ve said before about your own entries, people would get pretty bored after a few pages and put it down anyway! So, let the journaling begin!

  2. Hi Kristin,
    I really enjoyed your podcast. Although I’ve been writing for a while now, it’s always helpful to hear ideas to get restarted. Once in a while I get in a rut, so thanks for your insight.

    “What I don’t want to write about…” is a great trick to get things out. Thanks for that. I know what I’ll be starting my journal entry today.

    Sometimes it’s difficult to silence that ‘inner critic’. Even after years of writing I find this a challenge. Maybe you can address this in the future.

    Thanks for what you do.


  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys! @Jim I love the idea of addressing the Inner Critic issue – I think it’s a popular one among creative people of all stripes. @Diane, all I have to say to judmental onlookers is: “Sorry if this journal doesn’t knock you off your feet… but it’s MINE. Don’t like it? Go get your own!!” I had a big kick a few years ago where I reclaimed my world and put actual “MINE.” stickers on everything. It was a fun way to remind myself who’s in charge. My friend made me a housewarming present – a two piece mixed media work that says, “All of this? MINE.” Do it for you and no one else.

  4. Kristin, the podcast was great! Have you considered making it available on iTunes?

    • @Leah – yes! Lordy, though – the technology is not being my friend. I’m amazed I was able to record the first one and get it live for you. I originally intended on doing a video podcast and using iTunes from the get-go, but found that the technology was keeping me from getting it done in any form. So as soon as I figure out the details, I’ll have the podcast available on iTunes. And hopefully soon after, it will have a video component to it. In a related story, if anyone has suggestions on tutorials or can walk me through this, I’m all ears. Every time I look at it, my brain hurts. 🙂

  5. Update: we have iTunes action, kiddies. Might take a day or two for the Podcast to show up there. Thanks for the kick in the behind, Leah. I love you people – always keeping me on my toes.

  6. Sounds great Kristin! I love your “tricks!” I really like the idea about writing about our surroundings to start an entry. That inspires me to carry my journal with me. I might just find myself sitting someplace interesting!

    I can relate to what Diane says when she mentions not wanting a friend or loved one to read something shallow in our journal after we’re gone. But, I have to say that when I’ve poured over the journals of a loved one that is no longer with us, it wasn’t so much what he said in particular in his writings. It was more about feasting my eyes upon his wonderful handwritings and doodles that made me feel closer to him.

  7. Discovered your website this morning and am thoroughly enjoying exploring it. When I click on Podcast #1, regardless of what I do, it plays for 1:52 then repeats. Is this a link problem or a user problem? Thanks!

  8. I just discovered your website after following the interview you did with Dolly and wow! You’ve really inspired me to get back to journaling, so hopefully I’ll but a nice new notebook and a fountain pen to get me back in the groove!

  9. Where, oh where, is the download link that is mentioned here in red letters? How do I listen and is there more than one podcast?