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Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll Magic

I’m aware that it’s ludicrous to write an entire post on a new pen. But based on the excited feedback and “me toos” I received on the Journaling Saves Facebook Page, I’m not alone in my enthusiasm for such things.

So I’d like to tell you about the most awesomest new pen ever in the history of the universe. (The essential Pilot Precise V7 notwithstanding, of course). It’s the Stardust Gelly Roll pen by Sakura. My current color of choice is Purple Star.

In the past, I tried gel ink pens and was disappointed. The ink did not flow uniformly, leaving gaps in my writing. The only downside to the Sakura I’ve found is that the ink takes a few seconds to dry, making it easy to smudge. So this pen would probably not be a good choice for lefties or the less patient among us.

I also just discovered that there’s a Bold Meteor and Bold Galaxy version (in 6 Galaxy colors!) of this pen that the U Bookstore does not carry. I am shipping them from Amazon, post haste.

They also make Souffle Opaque Puffy Ink Pens, which I may have to try. I wonder if they’re anything like the puff pens I used to decorate horrific tee-shirts in the early 80’s, pre-Bedazzler?

Here are five reasons why the Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll makes me swoon.

1. They write smoothly

This pen magically writes so smoothly – the ink is silky. This means less fatigue on the hand and also, more fun. Sakura claims the Gelly Roll pen has “ice cream smooth ink.” While I didn’t try licking the ink to compare flavor, it does write like I imagine ice cream would write. Were one inclined to write with ice cream. For some reason.

2. They have glitter (!!!) in them

The “Stardust” line of Sakura pens have glittery ink that sparkles brightly. I mean they use the word “glittering” on the package. Come on. There are a few other types that likewise shimmer, including the Metallic, Gold Shadow and Silver Shadow pens. According to the Sakura website: “Stunning Gelly Roll Stardust® captures the sparkle and glitter of stars to make handwriting extra special.” Guh.

Add sparkling starlight to your writing and designs? Okay!

3. They cost $1

I’ve purchased many a pen in the $3-5 range that didn’t perform a bit as well as the Gelly Roll. At the bargain price of $1, I can get one in every color. Oh, and…

4. They come in a million colors

Or at least a few dozen. The Purple Star is my favorite right now, but there’s one in metallic teal that matches my scooter. I need at least one pen in Celeste green.

5. They’re great for art journaling

The Moonlight version writes on black paper – perfect for art journaling and reverse journals (the ones with half light and half dark pages). The shimmer can be used to add a bit of shine to embellishments.

Try them out and let me know if you love them as much as I do.


  1. oh. em. gee. Where did find these???!!!??? I used to loooooove them beyond all reason and stopped being able to find them. Ditto for the ones that had marbled ink.

  2. Pink – Amazon carries them. I’ve also seen them at places that carry stationery and at art supply stores.

  3. This post brings me out of lurkerage! I live in Japan and swear by this company, even their regular pens are lovely to write with, I’m building up my collection! There’s a series (I forget the name) that dries slightly raised and shiny which are great for embellishments 🙂

  4. Finally….confirmation that I’m not some weird collector of pens and paper! I love glitter pens. I love pens…I love paper!