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Simple Abundance: a Daybook of Comfort and Joy

This week’s BiG DIG is about abundance. (Which you already know, because you’re clever and good-looking and subscribe to this free weekly email.)

Abundance is the belief that you have enough and you will continue to have enough.

When you operate from an abundance mindset, you give freely. Giving freely actually creates abundance. So it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’d like to share one of my favorite resources on the topic of abundance. It’s a fabulous book by Sarah Ban Breathnach called Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of Joy.

(That’s an affilliate link, which means if you click through and buy the book on Amazon, you support Journaling Saves. Yay, abundance! If good karma and generosity are not your thing, just use this link instead. )

The book is organized with a daily entry. There’s no corresponding year, so you can start it at any time and even repeat it when you’re done. Especially if you’re like me and forget most of what you read a few hours later, never mind after 363 days.

Each daily entry starts with an inspiring quote and a short exposition on a theme, usually a page or two. The reading for the day often includes a journal prompt, tiny action, or simply an idea to mull over throughout your day. Each month features a list of “joyful simplicities,” which I aboslutely love. One example for November is:

“Don’t rush out the day after Thanksgiving to do holiday shopping with the rest of the world. Instead, stay home and make a pot of soup.”

Breathnach writes about gratitude, growth, intimacy, creativity, and many other complex topics with warmth and grace. The book is not meant to be read cover to cover but in small doses. Which is a good thing, because while the essays are powerful and inspiring, reading more than one or two at a time makes them cloying and heavy-handed. Like watching too many movie trailers back to back. Too much tension and not enough resolution.

But I enjoy the book one section per day as it’s laid out. I like to read it in the morning before journaling. And even if the daily topic doesn’t seem applicable to me, it often reveals itself by the day’s end. I find myself paying attention throughout the day for certain themes to arise. Which makes for a “choose your own adventure” kind of existence. Fun!

Check out Simple Abundance. It’s been out for awhile and has had many editions, so you can probably get it cheap at the used bookstore. Or on Amazon.

This book would also make a great gift for any journaler in your life. I got my copy at Twice Sold Tales and the inside cover says:

February 14, 1997.

To my beloved one, I hope this book will help you see the simpler things when times can be complex.

Happy Valentines Day.

Your Thomas

I’d like to think she sold it because she finally learned to see the simpler things.

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  1. I brought this book a while back and am waiting for January 1st to start using it. I love that it is so chunky and feels substantial. I will probably use this instead of writing in my 5 year journal which is beginning to feel stifling. Great post!

  2. I have had this book forever and never used. Maybe I’ll do the same as Kimberly and begin in January. I just love when a book is signed inside or has a note and date. I often purchase books I will never read or even care about because there is a note inside! I love to think about the person who the book was given to and the person who gave it, imagining their stories, who they are/were , are they still alive, etc. Thank you for the great posts! Very inspiring.

  3. I am the same as Kimberley, I got this book a while ago and have been waiting for the beginning of the year! A bit like the Awe-Manac- so two new projects for January!

  4. A dear friend gave me this wonderful book many years ago. It’s super and I still refer back to it frequently. Idea: Keep a separate notebook to accompany it, dated by year, and write in that instead of the book itself. That way it becomes “perpetual!” – – you can restart it on January 1st of every year!

  5. o yes, I have owned this book for several years now, and I love it. It is one that I keep going back to again and again. I am so happy to find your website – I love to journal. Lots of great things here…Thank you!

  6. Great site, I was referred from an atcsforall.com post in the journalling thread and have just visited you for the first time!
    With Simple Abundance I took a few goes – started and did not keep it up – but I finally did the whole year last year and I found it such a transforming experience. I still have my discovery journal on the go – I am on around the 10th book! It isn’t an art journal, just a clipping book of ideas, mementoes and images thatI like. They are just added with a glue stick. But it is a great source for my journalling. And I also do the daily gratitude journal – well, not every day any more 🙁 – but it is a great discipline as no matter how I feel I have to pick 5 things I am grateful for on that day. It was my daughter’s book and I have given it back but I am buying another copy for myself – on Amazon marketplace for around £3 – inc delivery – as I miss it so much:)

  7. love this book! funny it fell into my life earlier this summer at a friends house, when i was looking for something to read before bed. then another source suggested it. so i bought it and love it. then i found your great site and here it is again.
    great site just got here and need to spend more time cruising around