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Sites You’ll Love: Strangling My Muse

Are you stuck? Struggling with the demons of proscrastination, perfectionism, or writer’s block? Feel like strangling your muse? Well I’ve got the perfect site for you!

Strangling My Muse by Sandy Ackers is a creativity and writing site stuffed with useful journaling prompts, writing exercises, and insights on “struggling to live a creative life in a stressful world.” Sandy has some fabulous suggestions to get the ball rolling if you’re in need of inspiration.

Looking for journaling ideas or writing exercises to get the pen moving? Check out the Writing Prompts category on Strangling My Muse.

If you’re in the mood for something a little different, I highly recommend trying the Photo Prompts section of the site, where you can find visual stimulation to get you writing. It moves a different part of your brain when you cross over to other senses. This method can be amazingly effective at shaking loose the words stuck in your brain.

One of my recent favorites from the site is 10 Ways to Get Your Muse out of Neutral, which provides interesting avenues for putting your creative pedal to the metal.

Sandy also does frequent “Creativity Round-ups” where she reviews various resources around the web and provides links for you to check out. It’s a great spot for discovering new websites and blogs you might have otherwise missed.

Check out Strangling My Muse. And leave a comment saying “hi” while you’re there. Sandy is one of us: a kindred spirit fighting the good fight. 🙂


  1. Wow, thanks for this flattering review of my blog, Kristin! It means even more coming from someone who has such an inspiring site of her own!


  2. Let’s face it, Sandy – YOU RULE. 🙂

  3. This blog is great!! Thanks Kristin!