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Journaling + Yoga = Nirvana

Feeling up to a challenge? This one's a potential life-changer. And there's no better time for a rejuvenating ritual than the days leading up to the summer solstice.

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#4 How to Write Plan B

Part 4 in the "Be a Better Quitter" series: journaling prompts for creating alternate behaviors to replace the negative ones you've given up.

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#3 You Do It Because it Works

Journaling prompts for Part 3 of the "Be a Better Quitter" series. Identifying the reasons for your behavior enables you to find a healthier substitute that produces the same feeling.

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Honor Your Ebb and Flow

Journal writing helps us honor the fluctuations in energy our minds, bodies and souls cycle through naturally. Here's how to harness journaling to witness your own phases.

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