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#4 How to Write Plan B

Part 4 in the "Be a Better Quitter" series: journaling prompts for creating alternate behaviors to replace the negative ones you've given up.

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#3 You Do It Because it Works

Journaling prompts for Part 3 of the "Be a Better Quitter" series. Identifying the reasons for your behavior enables you to find a healthier substitute that produces the same feeling.

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How to Accept Criticism, Gracefully

Nobody likes to be criticized. But learning how to receive constructive feedback and implement change is an enormous personal development tool. Your journal is the key to this process.

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When it Comes to Success, Size Matters

We create the life we want through a series of small actions. Big results start with bite-sized improvements you can make today. I call these tiny changes "micro-goals." Here's how to use journaling to set them in motion.

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