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The Soundtrack of Your Life

This is a page from my friend Joni’s art journal and she wants to share it with us. Aren’t we lucky? That’s her house. The color is only slightly modified.

I’m getting pretty excited about this whole art journaling thing. My friend Joni James is an amazing artist – she paints, does mixed-media, and makes incredible ice resin jewelry from her own paintings. One of the things I find most inspiring about her is how productive she is. Every time I talk to her, she’s working on a project. And not just “working on” it (I “work on” a lot of things…) but actually completing it. And then having a show at a gallery or selling a boatload of artwork on Etsy.

Joni and I have been talking about journaling quite a bit. She showed me this fabulous travel journal she did of a trip to Europe a few years back. (I’ll have to get her to share some of that soon.) When it comes to self expression, she’s more image-oriented than I am; I mainly focus on words.

When her birthday came up last week, I figured the Wide Open art journaling kit would be a perfect gift. (Check out my previous post on the kit, which includes pictures.) I knew she’d go to town with the highly-visual exercises – especially using her brand new digital camera.

The kit was a big hit. I’m so excited when I get to share journaling with other creative people in my tribe. She chose a specific card in the Wide Open deck to start with. I decided to join her in doing the exercise this week.

And then I thought – how cool would it be if you guys wanted to join us? We could all do it together. Then if you’d like to share the results, you can.

So tomorrow I’m going to post the first Wide Open art journaling prompt/project. I don’t want to call it “exercise” because I don’t know about you, but exercise sounds like an awful lot of NOT FUN. And this is fun. So stay tuned!


  1. New reader here (and new journaler), but an art journal activity sounds absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait.

  2. Can’t wait for the next “prompt.” Thanks for the amazing & kind write up Kristin! You’re my biggest resource of inspiration AND I’ve learned a lot from you too.